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    the boy may propose to the girl during adolescence. Onc▓e the bride-price has been paid, preparations for the wedding begin.On the wedding day the bride's▓ father slaughters a bull for a feast. Other forms o▓f food and considerable amount of bee▓r are prepared for feasting at the bride's home. This is▓ followed by another

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  • of the Hima.Marriage and FamilyI▓n Ankole Kingdom,

    feast at the bridegroom's home, where the marriage is consummated. At the wedding ceremony the gi▓rl's aunt confirms that the groom is potent and the bride▓ defended her virginity before the marriage was consummated.A social di▓stinction between Bahima "herdsmen" a▓nd Bairu "Agriculturalists" was established by prohibiting

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  • rned eigh▓t or nine, particularly among the Bah▓im

    intermarriage between them. The Bahima who in this case are herdsmen would find it repugnant to marry a Mwiru who is an agri▓culturalist.Moreover, it was illegal for a Muhima to give cattle to a Mwiru. A Mwiru would have no cattle for bride-wealth for a Muhima wife since all he had was unproductive cows a▓nd bull calves

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. Cattle were essential not ▓only for the legitimacy of marriage but for the le▓gitimacy of the chil

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yankole -- people in Ankole kingdom, and mo▓st women wish to marry and raise many children. If

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a woman ▓is unable to bear children, her husband is likely to contemplate taking on a second wife.Monogamy was the standard practice, tho▓ugh polygamy was not prohibite

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d. Both the Mugabe "King" ▓and wealthy Banyankole practiced polygamy. Today monogamy remains the predominant form of▓ marriage, influenced by Westernization, Christiani

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as a girl's breasts emerge, she is warned by her parents to abstain from sexual activitie▓s. Pregnancy outside mar
riage was punished by death or▓ expulsion f rom the home.A Munya nkole father, occasi onally ▓assiste d by his relatives, is obl iged to get a▓ wife for his son by payi ng the require d bride-wea▓lth, whic h consists of two co ws, th▓ree goats, and som e pots of beer a mong Bairu "Ag riculturalists", amo ng Bahima "herdsmen" i t may▓ rang e from two to twen 无为县5G 巴林左旗5G 阳朔县wap 郎溪县wap 万荣县wap 黄骅市5G 萝北县5G 云龙县wap 新化县wap 仁寿县wap 伊通满族自治县5G 镇远县5G 道孚县wap 黑龙江省wap 勃利县wap 天峨县5G 乡城县wap 龙胜各族自治县5G 老河口市5G 安义县5G 变态传奇私服网页版本 传奇私服一刀外挂 传奇私服新开网 新开迷失版本传奇私服 传奇私服gm账号 新开传奇私服带英雄 传奇私服手机版 传奇私服sf888 火龙复古传奇私服手游 传奇私服单职业微端